Providing support for those in need. The Lions Foundation was established in 1981 as a registered non-profit charitable organization, having evolved from Lions Disability Fund for Children, Inc. to reflect the wider scope of community members who were receiving assistance.

Problems with eyesight and vision of most often associated with aging, less so with younger people and rarely with children. But childhood eyesight and vision issues are common.

Lions Foundation of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, in partnership with regional Lions Clubs, offers a quick, simple screening program for children. In a matter of minutes, a child’s parent or caregiver can know if a follow-up with an eye care professional is recommended.

Lions Foundation has purchased a highly specialized and sophisticated camera that can detect vision issues easily and quickly in children aged six months to six years. Most of the vision issues detected during this age are reversible with a very simple intervention. Without early detection, these issues are often more difficult to correct and eyesight may be affected for the rest of the child’s life.

News Update on Kid Sight