Providing support for those in need. The Lions Foundation was established in 1981 as a registered non-profit charitable organization, having evolved from Lions Disability Fund for Children, Inc. to reflect the wider scope of community members who were receiving assistance.

Stew Peever Award

Lion Stewart (Stew) Peever was a member of the East Kildonan Lions Club for nearly thirty years. An avid supporter of the Lions Eye Bank Program and ardent fundraiser right up to the time of his passing in 1986, Lion Stew was dedicated to his community by helping those less fortunate. To honour the exceptional contribution Lion Stew Peever made in our community and, in particular, to the work of Lions Eye Bank Program and tissue donation, an award in his name was established in 1987. The Stew Peever Memorial Award is presented annually by Lions Foundation of Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario to a Lion, Lioness, or member of the public who has demonstrated unselfish devotion and dedication in support of the Lions Eye Bank Program.




5M10 Lion Shirley Koroniak

5M13 Lion Alex Haluschak


5M10 Lion Joanne Ogden

5M13 Larry Freund




5M10 Lion Jim Croom

5M11 Lion Jan Nazarko


5M10 Lion Wendy Wiedenhoeft

5M11 PDG Chris Barnard

5M13 PDG Cheryl McKitrick





5M13 PDG Bill McKitrick


5M11 PDG John Sinclair

5M13 Lion Elke Schmitt


5M10 Lion Sonia June Hill

5M11 Lion Paul Levesque

5M13 Lions Nelson and Jill Daneluk


5M11 Lion Norm Johnson

5M13 Lion Fred Nowitski


5M11 Lion Harold Ott

5M13 Lion Blair McIntyre


5M11 Lion Sam Slobodesky

5M13 Mullin Family David, Ian, John


5M10 Lion Jim Quinn

5M13 Lion Darnell Keen


5M10 Lion Gary Hutchison

5M11 Lion Dale Foreman

5M13 Lion Roland Hainsworth


5M10 Lion Bob Hammond

5M11 Lion Robert Hartwig

5M13 Lion Ray Brethor


5M11 Lion Agnes Scott

5M13 Lion Gord McDonald


5M13 Lion Wayne Streamer


5M10 Lions Bob & Lillian Marchant

5M11 Carol Heppenstall

5M13 Lion Percy Miller


5M11 Lion Lloyd Judd

5M13 Lion Tom Latimer


5M10 Lion Iris Osadchuk

5M12 Lion Rob Lawrence

5M13 Lion George Barteaux


5M10 Lion Leonard Jordens

5M12 Lion Bob Williams

5M13 Lion Dale Newton


5M10 Lion Gemma Trakalo

5M12 Lion Katie Goetz

5M13 Lion George Barteaux


5M10 Lion Iris Osadchuk

5M12 Lion Duncan Callum

5M13 Lion Garnet Goodridge


5M10 Lion Jason Clarke

5M12 Lions Al & Bea Jarvis

5M13 Lion Richard Hornibrook


5M12 Lion Allan Webster

5M13 Lion Jim Wilson

5M13 Lion Stephen Bieker


5M12 Lion Les Riskin

5M13 Lion Bob Cappie


5M10 Bill Coulson

5M12 Steini Kristjansson

5M13 Gordon Boulton


5M13 Lion Bruce Taylor


5M10 Lion Don Austin

5M11 1290 Fox Radio

Hope Medal Award

The Hope Medal was designed by PDG Gunter Zionn in 2000. The design with a green and white ribbon represents Hope and Peace and displays three maple leafs; one for each of the three districts we serve: 5M10, 5M11 and 5M13.


The medal is awarded to those who demonstrate outstanding charitable achievement in their community.

Hope Medal Recipients

5M10 Kenora Lion Al Bellenbach

5M10 Kenora Lion Rita Bellenbach


5M10 Atikokan – Lion Arthur Hiebert

5M10 Atikokan – Lion Arlo Jewell

5M10 Atikokan – Lion Shirley Pierce

5M10 Dryden – Lion Jean Hodgins

5M10 Dryden – Lion Don Austin

5M10 Dryden – Lion Kerry Mushmanski

5M10 Dryden – Lion Matt Kapsch

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Lion Shirley Bullock

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Lion Lorraine Stevenson

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Lion Sharon Sweany

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Lion Dorothy Smith

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Lion Susan Schultz

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Liz Schmidt

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Lion Georgena Thompson

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Lion Wendy Wiedenhoeft

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Lion Sharon McGillivray

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Silvia Scheibler

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Lion Arlene (Chum) Hammond

5M10 Dryden Trillium – Lion Leslee Lappage

5M10 Emo – Lion Debra Firth

5M10 Emo – Lion Joanne Ogden

5M10 Emo – Lion Kent Ogden

5M10 Emo – Lion Cathy Robinson

5M10 Emo – Lion Danette McIntyre

5M10 Kenora – Lion Peg Doty

5M10 Kenora – Lion Rich Duguay

5M10 Kenora – Lion Jean Fisher

5M10 Kenora – Lion Bonnie King

5M10 Kenora – Lion Diane Millard

5M10 Kenora – Lion Ruth McGregor

5M10 Kenora – Lion Helen Oneschuk

5M10 Kenora – Lion Jim Quinn

5M10 Kenora – Lion Marilyn Viau T.

5M10 Kenora – Lion Don Brown

5M10 Kenora – Lion Gwen Maffey

5M10 Kenora – Lion Sandmoen Trent

5M10 Kenora – Lion Rod Shewchuk

5M10 Kenora – Lion Bruce Krawicki

5M10 Kenora – Lion Bob Marchant

5M10 Kenora – Lion Diane Wagenaar

5M10 Kenora – Ruth Bowiec

5M10 Thunder Bay – Lion Dave Baxter

5M10 Thunder Bay – Lion Edward Essex

5M10 Thunder Bay – Lion George Hori

5M10 Thunder Bay – Lion Robert Lindstrom

5M10 Thunder Bay – Lion Bill Malcolm

5M10 Thunder Bay – Lion Edward Meijer

5M10 Thunder Bay – Lion Allan Jautinen

5M10 Thunder Bay – Lion Tony Stapley

5M10 Thunder Bay – Lion Robert Perrier

5M10 Thunder Bay – Lion John Skoropad

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Ian Pugh

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Susan Hutchison

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Susan Pollock

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Forrest Mann

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Len Suomu

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Roy Anderson

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Scott McEwan

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Elsie Whitifield

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Harry Toews

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Elsie Toews

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Ivan Pollock

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Lion Marilynn Hammer

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Lion Gary Hutchison

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Lion Betty Ollerhead

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Lion Pat Earl

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Lion Shirley Koroniak

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Lion Al Koroniak

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Lion Carol Anderson

5M10 Vermilion Bay – Gary Parks

5M11 Winnipeg Lion Ross A. Johnston

5M11 Riverside Lion Wilf Thomas

5M11 Winnipeg Elly Prendergast

5M11 Winnipeg Harry Lehotsky

B.J. “Ben” Ward

The B.J. “Ben” Ward Fellowship was retired in 2016.

Austin Lions Club

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Brandon Lions Club

Brandon Crocus Lions Club

Brandon Wheat City Lions Club

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Decibel Award

Kidsight “Sightsaver” Award

The MD5M Kidsight “Sight Saver” Award is a way to honour any individual(s) who have distinguished themselves on behalf of children’s vision and who see and care for the needs of those less fortunate then themselves.

2022 recipient Joanne Ogden, nominated by Betty Ollerhead