Providing support for those in need. The Lions Foundation was established in 1981 as a registered non-profit charitable organization, having evolved from Lions Disability Fund for Children, Inc. to reflect the wider scope of community members who were receiving assistance.

The Decibel Award was designed by Lion Chad Bodnarchuk in 2016. Chad who is hearing impaired, was the chair of the Hearing Committee at that time.

The definition of decibel is abbreviated by “dB” and is the unit used to measure the intensity of a sound. The three maple leaves resemble the three districts which we serve.

The award is presented to any individual(s) who have demonstrated significant for support for people with hearing concerns.

*Minimum Contribution $500

Decibel Award Recipients

  • 5M10 Emo  Ben Marr
  • 5M10 Emo Jenn Marr
  • 5M13 Crystal City Lion Cheryl McKitrick
  • 5M13 Wawanesa Lion Don Martin